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Market Crash Of August 2015

Market Crash Of August 2015.


Market Crash Of August 2015

 Reasons and collapse.

      Nifty has broken the last support line below 800 on August 25-26 and started to move down.. It was a great bad day  for many millions of traders who were believing the crack will be a correction and not a damaging crush. You can not blame on such believers as the last many days performance of nifty was saying some thing else from what they were seeing.

 SMA confirms the following for some days…

30 Days 50 Days 150 Days 200 Days
8,448.05 8,417.52 8,491.07 8,456.25

The chart picture will indicates the way of Nifty was going down and there where no chance for any one to enjoy fruits of falling of fruits of accenting. Short selling also hindered as continuous falling made people fearful of next move.

Market Crash Of August 2015

Market Crash Of August 2015


The chart indicates Market Crash Of August 2015 was not a induced one but a falling from heaving for long time.


Market Crash Of August 2015

    A chance of correction


Last many days nifty the index was moving up and made so many pull ups made it false positions in many shares. The index itself was in very bad faulty positions and people were betting on the movements than testing the veracity of the move up. Nifty was moving up daily and people where making trade on the basis of nifty. Even if a correction of 200 points down they will pounce back to pull it back to high.. The false levels where so high and nifty was a weighted object for itself. And many shares were over priced that time.

A fall was imminent as there are no other way to correction it. Ever going up nifty was going to touch 9000 mark as people were even dreaming of a 10000 or even more by end of 2015.  This Market Crash Of August 2015 lead them to think again that nothing is true for ever.. If Market Crash Of August 2015 can happen then another fall can happen at any time.



Market Crash Of August 2015

     China Greece Worries.

Depreciating of Chinese currency was a product of long time market dump. China was over producing and putting products in to markets around the world with no mercy . Millions of products were in non- sold conditions and market was filled with Chinese goods. Most of them as craps. The  Chine as enjoying the flow of foreign reserves but the over productions end every thing bad.

 Euro crash in Greece mad the things worse as Greece start to pull out of Euro circle. The problems were rising day by day as Financially string European countries were no mood to bail Greece out.  The gravity of situation lead to crash  like this  Market Crash Of August 2015


European markets start to crumble as fear of Greece till end of 3rd week of August while Asians have problems with Chinese market fall. The fear of Global falling even touched Washington and the US markets also shown a possible Market Crash Of August 2015.

As Indian market often follows Global cues the market in India also had to face problems and finally happened.. Market Crash Of August 2015.

 Now the market is recovering as China slashed interest rates.. and let us hope we will come out of Market Crash Of August 2015


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