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negative Nifty movement

negative Nifty movement

negative Nifty movement

negative Nifty Movement.


Nifty is having lot of problems now. Here are experts says about Nifty.

Economic times states that – nifty may show more negative signs in days to come.

M Thacker stated like following

” The market appears slightly negative, given the fact that CNX IT has given a breakdown. That is one index which could correct significantly and possibly weigh on Nifty. The Bank Nifty appears to be sideways.

As long as it can hold 18,350, it might remain in a range of 18,350 to 18,750 on the upside. But in case it were to break below 18,350, there could be acceleration in declines on the downside. As of now, it appears that the Nifty looks slightly negatively-biased, primarily due to the CNX IT.”

 The days to come is absolutely important for Nifty as the days are heading for a closure of this month.

We hope nifty may recover soon after it completes its range slump


              It may not be correction but slump.

Let us see more in days to come.


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  1. Munavir Suhu says:

    Everything have a positive and negative results, this is a good article and touched correct points.

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